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Catching Alaska Sockeye!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Alaska Sockeye Salmon - from Catching it to Serving it!

Do you want to catch more Sockeye? Whether you are an Alaska resident who chases these fish every year or a fisherman coming to Alaska for the first time, this website is designed to help you become a better Sockey Fisherman and land more fish! You will find everything you ever wanted to know about Sockeye Salmon on these pages including techniques on how to catch more Sockeye (legally in the mouth) and how to take care of your catch all the way to the dinner table!

The secret truth about catching Sockeye is revealed on this website and the videos will show you everything step by step, from setting up the best Sockeye rigs to the actual technique used to hook these tasty fish in the mouth and

succesfully land them! Gear to use is discussed and reviewed and there is even a section on proper netting trechniques for Sockeye. Once you have learned how to catch them, net them, clean and fillet them, then check out the recipes section of the website on the best ways to cook up these great fish!

For many fishermen, coming to Alaska to fish for salmon is one of their life long dreams, and most fishermen will target Sockeye at some point during their fishing expedition. If you want stringers of Sockeye like this ---> then continue through this site and learn exactly how to do it!

It is truely one of the most amazing shows in Alaska and it starts every summer with the return of millons of Sockeye Salmon (locally known as Reds) from the ocean to migrate up

ome of the most beautiful rivers in Alaska in search of their spawning grounds! Bears and fishermen alike flock to the Alaska rivers each summer to get a glimps of these magnificent fish as they migrate and transform on their journey upstream!

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