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Catching Alaska Sockeye!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Alaska Sockeye Salmon - from Catching it to Serving it!

Sockeye Square

2012 Great Alaska Fishing Trip!

2012 was another great year for the Great Alaska Fishing Trip! We had 16 guys on the trip in total and 3 RV's. We started the trip in Anchorage on July 28th and ended back in Anchorage to conclude the trip and split up all the fish on August 4th. We caught around 1500 pounds of fish over the week and had around 700 pounds of fresh frozen vacum packed fillets for the guys to split up and take home with them! We fished one day on the salt out of Seward, two days on the Lower Kenai in Soldotna and two final days on the Russian River! We caught a mix of Halibut, rock fish and Silver (Coho) Salomon on the saltwater charter and maily Sockeye Salmon in the rivers along with some Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden.

We started the trip by driving down the Seward Highway to the small town of Seward on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula with a short stop at the Portage visitor center and Exit Glacier. At the Portage visitor center  we were able to collect ice floating in the lake that had fallen off the Portage Glacier at the other end of the lake. We use this glacial ice on the trip for our cocktails! At Exit Glacier the group was able to walk right up and view a galcier first hand!

In Seward, we stayed at a great campground on the edge of town that is right on the beach of Resurrection Bay called Millers Landing. We used SaltWater Safari comany for an all day deep sea fishing combo on their 53 foot Delta "Legend". A great time was had by everyone pulling up Halibut and Silver (Coho) Salmon as well as a few snapper and rock fish! Many great fishing stories were told that evening back in camp around the campfire as we ate dinner prepared by the trip chef, Jim Senior and sipped cocktails filled with Alaskan galcier ice! The weather could have been better but it was still a memorable day of fishing!

We moved camp the following day to the Klondike RV campground in the town of Soldonta. The Lower Kenai River runs right through this town and can provide some of the greatest and most accessible Sockeye fishing in Alaska! Situated only about 20 river miles from the mouth of the Kenai River, the sockeye that pass by are just out of the saltwater and are fresh, silver and ready to fight hard. Combined with the swift current of this mighty river and you can really have a fight on your hands when you hook into one of these spectaular fish!

After two nights in Soldotna it was time to move camp again to our final fishing spot for this year's trip, the Russian River. Here we were able to relax and enjoy the wooded atmosphere of the Russian River Campground. Some guys walked down to the confluence of the Russian and Kenai Rivers to fish some more for Sockeye while others went off in search of bears, both black and brown, to photograph. Others yet tried their hand at trout fishing or hiking to the Russian River Falls or Russian River Lakes.

There were many freinds made along the course of the 2012 trip as the group of guys was very diverse in age and background. We had guys from Florida, Colorado and Washington on the trip. Some of the guys had been on the trip in previous years and for some this was their first time on the trip or to Alaska. Please enjoy the pictures posted below of The 2012 Great Alaska Fishing Trip!