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Catching Alaska Sockeye!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Alaska Sockeye Salmon - from Catching it to Serving it!

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Sockeye other pages
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2017 Great Alaska Fishing Trip!

July 22 - 29

The 2017 Great Alaska Fishing Trip was another huge success with lots of fish caught and everyone getting to take home a limit of fish! Check out some of the photos below!


March 1st, 2017

Hi Everyone! The Trip is officially on for 2017 and everything has been reserved! We have a 31 foot dual slide-out RV booked from Great Alaskan Holidays that will be our mobile fishing camp as well as reservations at the Klondike RV campground in Soldotna, the Russian River and Miller's Landing in Seward!

Jimmy will be calling you soon to discuss the optional fly fishing Kenai River Float trip at the Russian River as well as the Deep Sea fishing (or Glacier viewing) trip in Seward so think about what you would like to do in each place we are stopping.

Updated Itinerary....

Saturday July 22nd - I can pick up the motorhome at Noon on Saturday. Everyone should fly in Saturday afternoon or evening. Doesn't matter how late you get to Anchorage as long as you arrive on Saturday.

Sunday - We will depart Anchorage after breakfast and usually stop at Wal-Mart on the way out of town to pick up last min stuff people need. We will drive to Soldotna (about 4 hours) and stay at Klondike RV park. Fishing on the Kenai River this afternoon and evening.

Monday - All day fishing on the Kenai River in Soldotna. Optional King Salmon Charter (extra cost) if you would like to try for a really big one!

Tuesday - Fishing on the Kenai River in the morning and then move camp in the afternoon to the Russian River Campground.

Wednesday - Stay at the Russian River where you may fly fish for trout on your own, hike to the falls for bear viewing, chill at the beautiful camp, fish for Sockeye Salmon at the sanctuary or go on the optional Upper Kenai River fly fishing float trip!

Thursday - Russian River area activities in the morning and then we will move the camp after lunch to Miller's Landing in Seward where we will have a beautiful spot for the RV right on the beach!

Friday - All day Deep Sea Fishing Charter for Halibut, Salmon and Rock Fish or you can participate in any of the other Seward activities like hiking, glacier viewing or dog mushing.

Saturday - We will drive back to Anchorage (2 hours) from Seward and need to have the RV turned back in by 2pm. Flights can be scheduled out anytime from 4p and later. If you stay till Sunday you will need to book and pay for your own hotel Saturday night.

Call me if you have any questions!

Tight Lines!

2017 Great Alaska Fishing Trip!

July 22nd - 29th

Welcome! As one of Jimmy’s financial planning clients, you are cordially invited to be a part of history in 2017 and come on Jimmy’s Great Alaska Fishing Trip, running over 10 years now! This year’s trip is a clients’ only trip. Should you not yet be a client but are receiving this invite, Jimmy would love for you to become his client – open an investment account with Jimmy prior to the RSVP deadline and you are more than welcome to join the trip of a lifetime. Below you will find details for the trip as well as the estimated costs.

As you know, there is a great deal of upfront costs to set this trip up, reserve boats, RV’s, campgrounds and such. So I will be asking for a deposit of $500 this year to secure your spot on the trip. The deadline to sign up for the trip this year will be February 28th. If we have enough people by February 28th to run the trip, your deposit will become non-refundable and the trip will run (we need at least 6 people to run the trip). If we do not have enough people by February 28th, then your full deposit will be returned to you. I do my best to offer a great trip at a great price and pull all the strings I can up in Alaska to keep costs down for this trip. There is a breakdown of the estimated costs for the trip below the trip itinerary. This trip is All-Inclusive.

I will rent 2 RV’s for this year’s trip. They will be 2017 or 2018 models, 32 foot long with dual slide outs. Here is the layout.....

These will be your home for your entire stay in Alaska so there will not be any need for hotel costs on this trip (unless you choose to arrive or depart on earlier or later then the scheduled trip). I will have the motor homes fully stocked and ready to go when you get there! The trip includes all you can eat and drink, including alcohol in the price!!!!

The Itinerary

Saturday July 22nd

This will be the official start date for the trip and you should plan to fly into Anchorage on this day in the late afternoon or evening. I will pick up the motor homes this day early in the morning and spend the morning loading them and getting them ready for the trip.

We will enjoy “The Great Alaska Bush Company” this evening (at your own expense!)

We will stay in the motor homes at our base camp in Anchorage (Carl’s House) this night.

Sunday July 23rd

We will depart Anchorage in the morning after a hot breakfast and a stop at the local Wal-Mart to pick up anything that people might have forgotten as well as waders for those that still need them.

As we drive south out of Anchorage we will stop along Turnagain arm at various points to observe wildlife (Dall Sheep usually on the mountainsides, sometimes a bear) and stretch our legs, take pictures. Turnagain arm has the second largest tidal change in the world (behind the bay of Fundi in Nova Scotia) and is a beautiful site on a nice day! We will also stop at portage glacier and visitor center in the morning about an hour out of town for lunch and a chance to explore the museum. We will also collect glacier ice from the icebergs of the lake here for our trip (both to cool down our fish and for our drinks!).

We will continue after lunch south on the Seward Highway towards the town of Soldotna where we will fish in the famous Kenai River for Sockeye Salmon. We will pass the historic Russian River along the way!

The fishing is walking distance from our camp on the Kenai River and people can head to the river shortly after our arrival at camp if they’d like to start trying their luck at ‘plinkin’ the sockeyes!

Monday July 24th

We will fish the mighty Kenai River this day for Sockeye Salmon (Reds) at one of my favorite spots! We will take one of the RV’s to the spot for the day and see how many pounds of fish we can put on the stringer! Jimmy and David will fillet all your fish and the fillets will be processed into one-pound flash frozen vacuum packs each night at the processor. The cost of processing our fish is included in trip price. There will be no option to process your own fish on the trip this year to save money as we will not be allowed to clean and process fish in the campground that we will be staying at this year unfortunately. Believe me when I tell you that it is not worth the cost savings anyways!

Tuesday July 25th

We will fish another local spot on the Kenai River this day for Sockeye again, relax at camp and eat really great food! My Dad, Jim Sr. will be along on the trip again this year as the chef! Don’t plan on losing any weight on this trip!

We could also make a day trip down to Homer Alaska if we wanted on this day, as it is a beautiful place to see. Homer is also the Halibut capital of the world!

An option in the trip would also be to move camp to the Russian River this afternoon to fish there as well for a couple days. The Russian River is a beautifully scenic river and a great place to fly fish for trophy rainbow trout (all catch and release). There is sockeye fishing there as well but it isn’t as good of fishing as in Soldotna (but way more scenic!) Stopping here for a couple days would give more of a woodsy feel to the trip and a little bit more of a real Alaska trip. We will probably add this into the itinerary unless the majority of people are only interested in killing as many fish as they possibly can, in which case we would stay in Soldotna for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wednesday July 26th

Soldotna (to kill fish like crazy) or move to the Russian River this day (Peaceful hiking, bear viewing, fly fishing).

Thursday July 27th

We will move camp today after some morning fishing to the town of Seward. Seward is right on the ocean and is a great place for deep-sea fishing, whale watching, glacier viewing and if you are up for it, night life!

Friday, July 26th

All day Deep-sea combo charter out of Seward for Halibut, Silver Salmon, Rockfish and LingCod! See the pics below and lots of pics on the trips website ( to get an idea of what you will be catching! If Deep-sea fishing isn’t what you want to do in Seward then there are a lot of other possibilities as well! See below….

There are some great wildlife and glacier cruises out of Seward for both half day and

full day options! These are big boats (200 – 300 people size) and take you out

for the day to look for whales, sea otters, sea lions, puffins, bear and all sorts of

other wildlife. They also take you up close and personal to some of the very

spectacular tidewater glaciers that abound in the national park around the corner

from Seward! Food is included on the tour boats as well and they all guarantee

that no one will get sea sick on their boats! Cost approx $150

Try out sea kayaking! I can set you up to go sea kayaking in Resurrection bay if you

would like to give it a try. Get a bit of a workout and burn off some of the

massive amounts of food you have been eating all week while taking pics from

water level of sea otters and puffins! Cost approx $150

Fly out of Seward on a helicopter and go glacier and ice field viewing. You will also get

to land on a glacier and if you like you can try dog mushing on the snow! Approx

cost is $400 per person.

Just head to Seward to hang out for the day as a change from the river fishing on the

Kenai River! Check out all the quaint shops in the downtown area, get drink at

a local bar or visit the world-class sea life aquarium center in Seward! You could

also go for a hike on the beach or up Mt. Marathon right in town for an awesome

view of the city and the bay! You can also head out to a local glacier that you can

walk up to! (Pic below)…

Saturday, July 27th

Drive back to Anchorage after breakfast.

Pack and Load fish in coolers.

Late afternoon and evening departures.

Group dinner for those flying out late in Anchorage and a chance to explore downtown Anchorage just a bit!

The Estimated Damage

Your Airfare +

$70 Your fishing license (bought online before the trip)

$400 Your portion of the motor home for a week (You get your own bed)

$50 Your portion of the campground fees.

$250 Your portion of food and non-alcoholic drinks (all you can eat & drink all week!)

$100 Your portion of all you can drink Booze for the week!

$100 Fishing gear (weights, hooks, line, flies, ect) You lose a lot of gear in the river!

$50 Your share of gas and propane for the motor homes

$80 Your share of fish processing (just sockeye from the river, stopping at 50lbs).

$200 Misc costs (Firewood, dry ice, camping supplies, Carl’s truck gas, ect).

$1300 Total (All inclusive, not including Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Seward)

$400 Seward Deep-sea fishing, or other Seward activities. (Optional)

$1700 Total (All inclusive for a week of fishing in Alaska including Deep Sea!)

That covers all the basics for the trip, what you choose to spend on extra day trips, souvenirs and such is up to you.

We will have a cook on the trip again this year as my Dad has agreed to come up again and be the executive chef. Jim is a great cook and I am sure that you will not be losing any weight while you are up there! We typically have three hot meals a day on this trip and dinners will consist of Salmon, Halibut, Crab Legs and Steaks! Lunches are usually hot soup or stews made from Caribou or Moose!

The Fishing

I have selected this week because the timing should be perfect for the Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Rainbow Trout and the Halibut. In addition, Lingcod season will be open and the Coho Salmon will be starting to show up.

The fish that we catch on deep-sea charter days we have professionally processed and packaged. There is usually plenty of fish at the end of the trip for everyone to take home at least 50lbs or more in their cooler. There is also the option of having some of your fish smoked or kippered and then shipped to you as well.


I have a considerable amount of gear already in Alaska for this trip and of course any charters that we book will provide gear and bait as well. You are also free to bring your own gear if you would like. Most people in the past have only brought up a duffle bag and a cooler as luggage. Putting the packed duffle bag inside the cooler on the way to Alaska so they only have one piece of luggage to check at the airport. A 50 to 70 liter cooler works well for this trip. Duffle bag instead of a suitcase also works better in the motor homes. For waders, we use chest waders that you can purchase when you get to Anchorage at Wal-Mart for about $50. Most people leave their waders in Alaska at the end of the trip. If you have waders that you would like to bring, feel free. Some of the fishing spots require walking up to a mile to reach. I have about 25 fishing poles in Anchorage already but you may also bring your own if you wish. The salmon are tough fighting fish and when they get into the current can really pull. You will need a rod that is capable of handling 25lb test line with no problems. If you are a fly fisherman and would like to bring fly rod/s with you then a 10 weight is the lightest rod you would want to bring for salmon and you could bring a 6 weight if you wanted to spend some time chasing rainbows as well (cannot keep the rainbow trout where we are fishing). If you want to bring a firearm, that is no problem. I recommend a revolver no smaller then a .41 mag (.44 mag is better). I will already have two .44 mag revolvers on the trip with us. I will be sending a gear list for clothing and all to everyone that signs up as well I am happy to answer any questions about gear and what to bring or not to bring as well.

I want to go!!!

All you have to do to secure your spot is let me know and send me the deposit!


The deposit deadline will be February 28th, 2017. If we have enough people signed up for the trip on this date then your deposit will become non-refundable and the trip will run. If we do not have enough people for the trip on this date then you full deposit will be returned to you. Please try to send in your deposit early and not wait to the last minute if you know you want to go.