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Catching Alaska Sockeye!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Alaska Sockeye Salmon - from Catching it to Serving it!

Every year while I am fishing for sockeye on various rivers in Alaska, it never fails that someone will as me the question... "What are they biting on today?" or "What color are they hitting?" I am just going to dispell this myth right away and let you know one of the biggest secrets there is in the Soceye Fishing world.... Sockeye don't eat, strike or bite anything once they enter the fresh water of the river they are heading up to spawn in! They have only one thing on their

tiny little minds once they are headed to the spawning grounds, and that is to Spawn!!! Don't believe it?? Watch my videos on  How to Catch Sockeye and see how it all works!

So how do you catch a fish that doesn't eat, strike or bite anything? And how do you catch them in the mouth (the only legal way in fresh water in Alaska)? That is what I am going to show you in these pages! It can be done, and done effectively! It all starts with understanding this fundemental fact that Sockeye don't bite and then understanding what your fishing 'rig' is doing under the water! Don't worry, it isn't that difficult and with this information and a little practice you will get the hang of it. And when you are catching all the Sockeye on your next trip to the river, you can help other people out when they come up to you and ask... "What were they hitting on today?" ;-)

Tight Lines!